I will just add stuffs perhaps you are missing:

There are two new cats: One special EX lineup by clearing the SoL as you notified after getting Lil nyandam and one new uber which seems standalone or collab (?)

There also TF available for rares and super rares, not just ubers.

The cat digger / exploration feature; Just one thing, it can give you free cat food as said above, but not just 1, it might give you more. You can also enable push notification / alarm. The cat digger/ explorer form will change according to the digger level. Level 10 is required to unlock last area. There is also risk of failure; getting less items or nothing at all if you attempting higher dig/exploration area while your cat explorer level is not high enough. However, the cat explorer will still gain the exp according to the time spent. This makes a strategy; are you going to rush your explorer level but not getting anything early or take it easy?

Hacks; Most values and addresses offsets are same, unlock table still -800 hex from select form table. The new offsets for level break orb and the new cat digger powerup are easy to get. Btw hacking the cat digger power-up = rapidly hasten cat digger = get catfood = LEGIT!!! However, cat level hack is reinitialized due to user rank bonus and the level break orb. If you hacked base upgrades level, just copy the level designation from there. The actinidia offsets is a bit complicated though. But the system is same like gacha. Basically actinidia ID table and the table slot type below it.