Empty Line separates session tickets 2.1 +6044 from axe cat

Address What here Offset What version?
42a0be14 Energy reserve
Stage list, availability, unlcok list. Unlocked treasures. Unknown, above playcount table
42a15070 Stage playcount start EN 3.6
42a16204 Enemy library start? 
42a166c8 Unit Unlock Table use -800 offset, will arrive at the end of list (in decimal: 2048 )
between Some unknown Tables (?), seems form unlock / drop trigger
between Unit level designation table Just before below
42a17328 Unit Form Table
42a17770 Base upgrade designation table
42a17810 Power up table Few tables after above
--- --- ---- ---
42bedb00 Cat dig fast power up BCJP 5.0
42bedadc Cat level up break orb (Cat's Eyes) means the table is just above cat dig powerup
-- --- ----
42a370a8 Cat form select BCJP 5.0.1
42ad94f0 Cat gacha storage
Some unknown big tables tables above Cat's eyes
Cat's Eyes above 42bee6d4
42bee6d4 Cat dig powerup
42c08ec4 Catfruits storage (lands on rainbow fruit) offset +1a7f0
---- ----- ------
42bda2e8 Cat dig powerup BCJP 5.0.1
Some unknown big tables above XP few tables
42bf5384 Gamatoto points offset 1b09c from dig powerup 1H (dec: 110748)
Gamatoto level below XP
---- ------ -----
42f027d8 Gamatoto speed up BCEN 5.2
42f224ac Gamatoto level
42f22520 Gamatoto exp a bit further below EXP

Gacha key: 10 ~ 13, 92 ~ 97, 268

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