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  • Fredy-san

    backup text

    April 1, 2016 by Fredy-san

    I will just add stuffs perhaps you are missing:

    There are two new cats: One special EX lineup by clearing the SoL as you notified after getting Lil nyandam and one new uber which seems standalone or collab (?)

    There also TF available for rares and super rares, not just ubers.

    The cat digger / exploration feature; Just one thing, it can give you free cat food as said above, but not just 1, it might give you more. You can also enable push notification / alarm. The cat digger/ explorer form will change according to the digger level. Level 10 is required to unlock last area. There is also risk of failure; getting less items or nothing at all if you attempting higher dig/exploration area while your cat explorer level is not high enough. However, …

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  • Fredy-san

    address safebook BC

    March 2, 2016 by Fredy-san

    Empty Line separates session tickets 2.1 +6044 from axe cat

    Address What here Offset What version?


    94F7CCFC Battle powerups

    94FDAE7C 1st Slot hack, formation 3rd

    9500501C form select table
    BCEN 6.9 NOX
    95039C44 unlock/lock powerup float

    950F9EB8 Gacha storage

    95119ADC number of first stage in 1st SoL chp cleared

    95193BF4 Drop hack ID

    951A6368 start of unlocked forms table

    951A69A8 end of unlocked forms table

    951DB7CC Catseyes

    951DB7F0 Catamin speed powerup

    951DB80C Number of Ototo materials

    9520E43C Number of red seeds in invt

    95211040 Gamatoto XP level

    95218BDC Selected cannon base

    95219564 Ototo number of workers

    42a0be14 Energy reserve

    Stage list, availability, unlcok list. Unlocked treasures. Unknown, above playcount table

    42a15070 Stage playco…

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