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HEX tableEdit

Unit ID > Unit EXP > Unit level > Times of Reincarnation > max HP (Words, 2 bytes) > Stats 1 - 5 (Max 127, more goes minus, skips non used atk type) > Skill ID 1 - 5 > Skill type 1 - 4 (Battle active (val 1), Map command (2), Passive(3), Empty(0) > unknown / obfuscated? (1 bytes, inherit skills?) > Equipped weapon slot > unknown value tables > position in formation

To look for: Unit element

Functions DescriptionsEdit

  • ===Units ID===

Determines what unit is this, also changes natural skills.

  • === Unit level===

Title said, can go over maxx but does not change actual stats. Crash if level up above cap in battle.

  • === Max HP & Stats ===

Title said

  • === Skills ID & Type ===

Works like Chaos Rings III's skill functions. Please note Jet Black is 2 skills gapped somehow (ID #128, ID #126 & 127 are empty)

For the 5th slot skills type, have to go down further since the function becomes one with whether it is unlocked or not.

Some passive natural skills needs extra byte to insert. The way to activate this extra byte is to have certain New *7 units inherit extra-byte skills (eg: Assasin lv 60 inherit) since no skill from runes can activate the extra byte

Useful hints Edit

  • Most of 7 stars unit ID are above 100
  • Divine skill (Queen's Heal all in map) is #6 type 2
  • #97 = stats + 5, #42 = Move+2, #106 = Sanctuary
  • #26 ~ 33 are new 7 stars battle skills (type 1)

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